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TruePartner is an incredibly affordable, complete marketing toolkit.

For: Independent business owner/operators who do their own marketing.

What: an exclusive membership that includes it all: plans, strategies, software and everything you need to be a marketing ROCK STAR.

You're the STAR. We're just the engineers in the booth.

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The Setlist: 12 Step Marketing Plan Outline

Intro: Mindset-How to Think Like a Professional Marketer

How to Think Like a Pro Marketer

Easy Traps that Most Fall Into

Step 1: Easy Marketing Formula to Guarantee Results

Easily decide your audience, how you help them, and the order to your messaging.

Step 2: Easy Content Creation Formula

Use this formula to easily know what to say, how to say it, and why, regardless of platform.

Step 3: Getting the Word Out RIGHT NOW: Email and Social Media Marketing

Marketing software tools that boosts your offer and message out to the masses, immediately.

Step 4: Building Your Funnel

Use a simple and effective funnel to capture leads, and follow up automatically!

Step 5: Consistency and Scaling

How to get consistent, persistent, and GROW quickly.

Step 6: Using Texting Engine to Get Customers, Sales, and Appointments

How to get consistent, persistent, and GROW quickly.

Step 7: Speed Selling! Automated System to Get Leads from Cold Traffic

Simple strategies you can run RIGHT now to build your list and get more leads, cheap!

Step 8: Five-Star Reviews on Autopilot

Get reviews from those who love you most, and get referrals along the way.

Step 9: Referral Partners: Building Relationships with People that can Explode Your Business

Find, impress, and build relationships with people that can explode your business.

Step 10: Auto Missed Call Text Back:

Capture more customers by setting up your software to text any unanswered call, immediately.

Step 11: Automations, the Powerhouse to Scaling and Speeding Your Sales

Use the awesome power of enterprise-level automations and AI to convert leads to customers by automatically following-up, communicating, and performing a host of repetitive tasks.

Step 12: Putting it all together.

Fine-tune your messaging, conversion, and find even more goodies in TruePartnerAI to keep your business humming at all levels.

Going Beyond:

Advanced Advertising with FREE Academy of Advertising Membership

Learn high-level skills of advertising on all the digital platforms, and how to really scale your advertising.

Download the detailed 12-Step plan for free!

Complete marketing platform

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Different tiers offer different feature sets based on your needs.

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STARTER: $97/mo

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★ Contact Manager

★ Text/Email/Social messaging

★ Phone calls and missed-call-text-back

★ Review management

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VIP: $197/mo

(single user, all tools)

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★ Everything in STARTER

★ Fully Unlocked TruePartnerAI software

★ Community Membership

★ Marketing Strategy Library

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ALL ACCESS: $297/mo

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★ Completely UNLOCKED

★ Team Access up to SIX

★ Ad Automation Bonuses

★ Marketing Strategy Library

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Inside look at

TruePartnerAI is your all-in-one marketing platform INCLUDED in your membership.

Your #1 solution to increase revenue and decrease overhead.

More in, less out!

We SHOW you how to use it AND we can help you set it up!

TruePartnerAI: all the tools you need

  • Website/Funnel Builder

  • Email Campaign Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Review Engine

  • Text and Voicemail Marketing

  • Contact Manager

  • Pipeline Manager

  • Messenger

  • Plus LOADS of other time/money saving features (click here to learn even more)

Can't seem to get organized?

TruePartnerAI organizes your contacts, leads, and customers at-a-glance. AND, gives you the power to communicate with them in just a few clicks.

Can't keep track of all the platforms?

No more running from platform to platform, TruePartnerAI INTEGRATES with social media platforms and a host of other channels, making it a breeze to manage them all from one location.

Got messages coming from everywhere?

TruePartnerAI is a communication powerhouse, giving you email, text, voice, and social media communication keeping you from scrambling.

Repetitive tasks robbing your time and sanity?

Download the easy 12 Step Marketing Plan that you can use to revolutionize your marketing right away!

TruePartnerAI is built on the leading platforms, configured for your success!

TruePartner and YOU:

Get more sales

Unlock your marketing creativity!

In no time, you will:

  • Send emails to get sales

  • Have a funnel page ready to collect leads

  • Run ads on social media

  • 10x your social media presence

  • Know what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to

  • Be Jamming a SWEET marketing riff...

"The massive value proposition that it brings to the table is that you can get an insanely profitable tech stack for a fraction of what you would normally pay, while making it simple enough that a non-tech-savvy person could set it up."

What you get with your TruePartner Membership:

The Setlist: 12 Step Marketing Plan

Simple plan laid out for you step by step includes steps like:

How to Think Like a Pro Marketer

Easy Traps that Most Fall Into

Practice Session: Access to Calls/Trainings/Courses

Hone your skills for your best performance in marketing, software, tips and tricks and the latest strategies and helps.

Gear Rack: TruePartnerAI Software

Built on the most powerful marketing platform on the market, your gear rack will keep you organized, integrated, communicating, and automated!

If all that weren't enough, you get the red carpet treatment...


Record Deal: FREE Academy of Advertising Membership

Become an expert in online advertising with the Academy of Advertising.

In-depth trainings include Facebook, Google, Youtube and more!

Gig Bag: FREE Social Ad Builder With Templates

Run Facebook ads, get leads, and follow up automatically with our built-in Ad Builder complete with proven templates.

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