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Is this your life?

Ever said this under your breath as you turned out the office lights for the night?

"I never have time to market."

"My marketing sucks. I never know what to say. Even if I did, not sure how to get the message out."

"My CRM is too complicated or doesn't do what I need."

"I hate cold calling referral partners with nothing to offer but a cheap cup of discount coffee."

"Crap, I totally forgot to call that lead back!"

"I've signed up for like a 'finity CRMs but cancel after a while because I never get it set up."

"I just got some crazy new software, but I never have time to figure it out. Back to the yellow notepad for me!"

Are you a fiercely independent Mortgage broker
looking to up your marketing game?

You're constantly getting pulled in so many directions by referral partners, clients, vendors, staff, it's no wonder you don't have time to setup or run your marketing platform.

Especially when they're so complicated it's easier to just keep using your sticky notes...

But, what if your clients and prospects could hear your voice, get immediate replies, and book appointments, all while you sleep?

The TruePartnerAI Marketing Command Center is your key to becoming the marketer you always wanted to be.

Here at TruePartner, we help you get leads, make sales, and secure relationships with powerful software and lots of help along the way.

AND, it's a platform YOUR WHOLE TEAM can use.

See what YOUR prospects and customers can experience by experiencing it in action yourself.

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Marketing Command Center

Finally, a Marketing Platform that is simple, Powerful, and affordable


Add, organize, filter, track.

  • Filter, sort, and search in just a few easy clicks.

  • Assign ownership of contacts to team members.

  • Track lead progress at-a-glance with unlimited pipeline views.

  • Pipelines for whatever you need, including online leads, referral partners, and current clients.

  • Assign and complete tasks.

  • Breathe a sigh of relief!

The TruePartnerAI Marketing Command Center takes over the critical work of overseeing your people.


Integrations that save you time, hassle, and can project your message on multiple channels at once.

Built-in integrations include:

  • Facebook

  • Facebook Lead Ads

  • Instagram

  • Google My Business

  • LinkedIn

  • TikTok

manage all your social media posts from one location, and post to multiple platforms at once!


All your communications, under one roof!

  • Get and receive messages from MULTIPLE PLATFORMS right in the Chat Box!

  • Send personalized SMS or Emails to lists in just a few clicks.

  • Communicate with contacts on the channel they prefer: text, email, phone call, voicemail, or social messaging.

  • Facebook/Instagram Messenger

  • Google My Business Messenger

Never lose track of your conversations, and manage them all in one place!


What if your clients and prospects could hear your voice, get immediate replies, and book appointments, while you're asleep—or better yet—on vacation?

  • Fully customizable automations can communicate with your people in the way they prefer to talk.

  • Automatically send emails, texts, voicemails.

  • Tasks can be completed FOR you.

  • Don't miss following up ever again with the Lead Follow Up engine.

  • Automatic event registration, follow up, and reminders.

  • Book appointments, reactivate database, and follow up with referral partners, automatically.

Using powerful but simple logic and AI, TruePartnerAI can automate your business, yet keep your personal flair.

only half the battle...

...We help you WIN the other half.

Open the box and get marketing.

  • Platform comes PRE-LOADED with strategies and automations that you can use, quickly.

  • Access to the Member's Library for quick tips and tricks.

  • Our team can help adapt and customize your own personal Marketing Command Center.

We help you get setup.

Setup Includes:

  • Personal walkthrough call

  • Importing contacts

  • Pre-configured pipelines

  • SMS number acquisition and A2P compliance registration.

  • Workflow email population

  • Help with team setup

  • Social media account integration walkthrough.

The best tools are meaningless if you don't know how to use them.

Other Goodies...

Strategy and Promotion Library

Access to the built-in strategy library to help you generate leads, get more referral partners, and close more transactions.

  • Simple database reactivation emails

  • Referral Partner joint marketing strategy

  • Event Marketing and Lead Capture

  • Facebook Ads

Live call access

Join our live calls. Get the latest in what's working and how to make your business even greater.

Free mobile app

Never miss a communication with the mobile app. See calls, texts, social media messages and even monitor contacts and pipelines.

perhaps the biggest BONUS of all:

TruePartnerAI doesn't come in late or steal crap from your office.

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Your account is setup automatically. It can happen RIGHT NOW.

✔ No waiting around. We're all about speed and we mean it from the start.

You get immediate access to the Member Resources Site.

✔ How-tos and strategies at your fingertips. No need to worry about how to get started or even what to do with your new software. It's all in there for immediate reference.

Schedule a time for your onboarding, setup, and implementation call.

✔ Your Marketing Command Center adapted to YOU. Your software should fit you, not the othe way around. Magnify your unique methods and voice.

We help you get your first promotions going, immediately.

✔ What could be better than fast results? We'll work with you to identify your strengths and supercharge them!

You’ll be shocked at how simple it is.
Heck, even your part-time-college-student employee can run it.

Pick the plan that works for you

TruePartnerAI is one of the easiest decisions you'll ever make.

Single User



  • Contact Manager

  • Email Marketing

  • Google Call Tracking

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Review Request System

  • 2-way SMS and Email Communication

  • List Segmentation

  • Mobile App

VIP Single User



Everything in Kickstarter, PLUS:

  • Pipelines

  • Forms

  • Surveys

  • SMS and Email Templates

  • Automation Workflows

  • Blogs

  • Calendar

  • A.I. Appointment Booking Bot

  • Lead Follow Up Engine

  • A.I. Conversation Window

  • Done for you setup

  • Strategy Library

  • Workflows Templates

  • Funnel Templates

  • Website Templates


  • Website Builder

  • Funnel Builder

  • Website Chatbot

Premium All-Access
Multiple Users



Limited Time:


Everything in Premium-All Access, PLUS:

  • Membership Sites

  • Affiliate Manager

  • Advanced Reporting

UpHex Facebook Ads

  • Run Facebook ads right from TruePartnerAI.

  • Facebook Ads Library, test ready to use.

  • Workflow integration for automated follow-up and contact

Plus, FREE Membership in Academy of Advertising Profit Society

Course and Community by Jason Hornung includes award winning courses:

  • Facebook Ads Bootcamp

  • Google/Youtube Ads Bootcamp

  • Tik Tok Ads Bootcamp

  • Email Marketing Bootcamp

  • Crash-Course Sales Training

  • A.I. Instructing Ad Copy Frameworks

  • Skool Community

  • ...and MORE!

Here at TruePartner, we help you get leads, make sales, and secure relationships with powerful software and lots of help along the way.


Why should i choose TruePartner?

TruePartner is the easiest, most powerful, and most affordable software platform you'll ever use. We're all about removing roadblocks and overcoming hurdles to reach your maximum potential. We make marketing EASY, FAST, and AFFORDABLE so you don't have to spend tons of money, waste all your time, or get an entire degree just to run your marketing and business operations. With TruePartner, our aim is GRAB AND GO.

Who Developed the TruePartner Software?

TruePartnerAI is built on the renowned GoHighLevel platform and pre-configured for your ease of use. Using GoHighLevel as a foundation makes TruePartnerAI versatile and dependable, and gives you the backing of the entire GoHighLevel community. You're welcome to buy GoHighLevel straight from the OEM, but we customize it for you and include resources so you can get results right away!

What is TruePartner comparable to?

TruePartner is primarily a CRM platform like SalesForce, Jungo, act!, Bonzo, just to name a few. However, unlike all of those, TruePartner is easy to use, extremely affordable, and still massively powerful. Once you use TruePartner, you can't go back! And did we mention we include a strategy resource library so you know exactly how to get results right away?

How much does it cost per user?

Whether you're a one-person shop OR a team, TruePartnerAI easily fits operations of all sizes. TruePartnerAI is built for both the single owner-operator or shops with teams. The great news is each additional user costs nothing with TruePartnerAI for teams up to 10. One flat cost for software access to your team.

Are there usage charges for email, SMS, Voice?

There are small usages charges for email, SMS, and Voice. However, unlike other platforms, your base costs do not rise with the numbers of users.

Can I integrate with other software?

Yes! TruePartner supports anything that can be connected through the Zapier API. Visit the Zapier website for a thorough breakdown of what's possible.

How do I get support?

We offer multiple avenues to get help. In addition to contacting us directly, there is a support widget in the bottom right of the platform UI, support articles in GoHighLevel's own website, and a vast community of GoHighLevel users online.

TruePartnerAI is built on the leading platforms, configured for your success!

Convert Leads Fast
Drive More Relationships

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